The invention of electric bulb

How does electricity light, all enclosed in a small glass structure? Several scientists have broken this challenge head on without success. Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors tried his luck after a revelation during a trip to the Sierra Madre in Wyoming.
The Wizard of Menlo Park did not skimp on displaying this new invention the counter. To develop the filament capable of emitting light in the bulb to the passage of electricity, sent several partners around the world to find the perfect material. Balance: 6,000 plant samples were brought to him and tested. Stubborn, made ​​no less than 1200 times before finding the right one carbonized bamboo filament.

The suites at the invention of carbonized bamboo Problem: burn after 30 hours. Lewis Howard Latimer intends to remedy this problem by creating an incandescent bulb with carbon filament. He patented his invention in 1882. Largo, these bulbs have been used before seeing modern tungsten lamps. Tungsten is much harder than the metal carbon. Its melting point is very high, about 3422 ° C, resulting in improved heat resistance.
Other lamps have emerged as fluorescent lamps or light emitting diodes

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