How YouTube Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

YouTube is one of the most frequently visited websites on the internet. If you are running a blog or website then you must know that in your quest to drive traffic to them YouTube can play a vital role. YouTube is a social media site that helps millions of users to create and upload videos to be viewed. These videos allow the users to comment and share their thoughts.
You can use these videos to attract traffic to your YouTube page, from where this traffic can be directed to your website. But as alluring and tempting it sounds, you may not fully know how you can accomplish this feat. For that reason this article will explain the basics of how you can drive traffic to your own website or blog through YouTube.
Instructions on how to use YouTube to generate more traffic for your own website
The first step that you need to take is to create a new video that is related to your website or blog. You will then upload it on your YouTube page. Make sure it's interesting and worth seeing.
Check the competition out
Now you have to search on YouTube for the videos that are related to your own website theme. This means that you will be looking for your competitors on the internet who have websites similar to yours. Select the most popular ones and see what your competition is offering to the audience. You can then leave a comment or two on that video as well.
Leave your trail
Once you have gone through the video you will have to sign back in to your YouTube account. When you are online you need to create a video response. This can be done easily by clicking on the "post a video response". This button will be found just above the section where people post their video comments.
You will now add the video that you first created. You will first attach it by clicking on the tab called "choose a video". Do remember that this doesn't mean that you can attach a video from your computer; you will have to upload it from your own account. Therefore remember to upload it to you own channel first.
Now click on the tab that is called "respond with this video". This will create a video response that you can then use to respond to your competitors videos. Remember in the section below that details the information about the video, you must post your website link and also other pertinent information regarding your website.

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