Flying cars

society, which tests since 2009 the prototype of the vehicle on the road , announced April 2 have tested several times the past two weeks its PAL-V1 in the air in the Netherlands. The same success as Terrafugia was met: the vehicle perfectly rolled and robbed during this test. It adheres to the standards and can therefore move freely both on the roads and in the air.

PAL-V1, the PAL-V Vehicle
Illustration: PAL-V

To take off, the vehicle is raised through a rotor gyroplane and propels itself through apropeller which is foldable rear of the vehicle. It requires only 165 meters to take off and can land almost anywhere, which is a great advantage compared to the model "Transition" of the Terrafugia company. Obviously, again the driver must have his pilot's license, which may be acquired within 20 to 30 hours of training.

It can reach the speed of 180 km / h (on road and in the air). Side autonomy, it is more efficient than its competitor "Transition" because it can fly 500 km and 1200 km ride. It is able to fly more than 1200 meters of altitude . If this points more efficient than the transition, remains a major problem: its development need no less than six million and the company has need for additional funds to ensure a stage production. If the company manages to find the necessary funds, commercialization would be possible in 2014 for a price between 250 000 and 300 000. in Article Author: Cédric DEPOND

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