The glasses of the future is coming!

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Augmented reality glasses, thoughts by Google X, Google Research Laboratory, will soon come out of boxes .

Based on a Android system, these glasses to look intelligent inspired Oakley Thumps are designed to provide practical information issues, including , environment eg Google location information. Steve Lee, one of the main engineers working on the project of these glasses is the creator of the software Google Latitude location.

The interface will drive the movement of head and glasses incorporate a screen placed a few centimeters from the eye, a GPS chip, a 1 GHz processor, motion sensors and a 3G or 4G. No need to leave your smartphone information unfold before your eyes. 

The New York Times reports that Google X team is concerned about the consequences that such a device could have on privacy.To overcome the problems caused by the indiscretions and other violations, the research teams want to implement a system supposed to inform people that they are filmed by the glasses! glasses are sold at year-end at a price smartphones today: between 250 and 600 dollars.

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