wi-Fi: tomorrow's technology

Have you heard of the technology Ligt fidelity? This is certainly the process of tomorrow can supplant Wi-Fi This is at least the assertion researcher at the University of Versailles-Saint Quentin, Suat Topsu. The principle of Ligt Fidelity works like Morse code. It uses flashes of variation Emitting Diodes Lamps imperceptible to the eyes of people to transmit information at a rate of up to 10 Mega bits per second.And interpreting various signs, Li Fi will be able to order eg turn off the light or turn off the music . 

Since the development of this new technology, the father of LiFi created his own company called Oledcom.Already established partnerships with Philips and SNCF in 2013 and it will appear on the trade of products using this technology as geolocation with internal lighting in buildings. We can use the lighting of street furniture and billboards to convey information on mobile.

The Wi-Fi will deliberately change our modes of communication and habits. Imagine you send information with your car headlights? The Wi Fi can be used in sensitive areas such as interference in aircraft. The health will be able to take advantage of this new technology such as hospitals where the Wi-Fi system is forbidden because it causes interference with medical equipment. 

One can also imagine that armies can use the Li Fi in their submarines. Only problem is the light vector transmission can not pierce the walls ...

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