a new 3D display device without a screen

Researchers Burton Inc. Japan, have developed a new 3D display device without a screen.This projection system floated three-dimensional holograms in the air.
You remember holograms projected by the droid R2D2 in Star Wars ... Well this new technology is the same!
While most current 3D devices (or pseudo-3D) based on a 2D screen that simulates an optical illusion to create the 3D effect, the technology of Aerial 3D can display the true 3D air or under water and without screen. The three-dimensional objects seem to float like holograms .
3D aerial device that is based on a system of laser light that stimulates the atoms of oxygen and nitrogen in the plasma state. This technology "True 3D" can generate 50,000 points / pixels per second at a rate of 10-15 frames per second . To make the display more fluid to the human eye, engineers optimize the system to reach 24 to 30 frames per second.
The result can be displayed and observed at 360 ° 3D objects floating in the air. Combining green lasers, red and blue, the scientific team has managed to generate 3D images in color .
In the future, this technology could be used in the 3D design objects , the health , the 3D display of digital content (movies, TV, etc..) or the advertising .
Robot technology Obi-Wan Kenobi is becoming reality. 

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