The Role Of a Netbook In A Student's Lif

By Humera Ehsan

Expert Author Humera Ehsan
Netbooks are very common these days, and have made their place in the world of technology. Students are now more inclined towards this small gadget instead of a laptop, or any latest mobile. It plays an important role academically in a student's life, and that's described here.
Small Size: Students are already loaded with books, and other stuff; hence they have started taking a laptop an extra burden, but the netbooks are lighter in weight ranging from 1.6 to 1.76 Kg. This is an ideal technology for young students, who find it difficult to carry heavy machines.
Well-Compacted: A netbook is more compact than a laptop, and students find it very comfortable during lectures, while taking notes on it. The gadget will not annoy you in public due to this quality.
Well Equipped With Academic Tasks: During an academic period, the projects become easier to do on a netbook through Microsoft words, PowerPoint, Excel, and Photoshop. As, the battery life is up to ten hours, so there is nothing to worry about, if your presentation gets longer in an exam. Same lies true for office work when meetings sometimes prolong, but this small machine would stand by you till the end.
Provides Better Digital Writing: In a digitally noted lecture, it becomes easier for a student to make amendments in the lecture. On the other hand, a student who had missed his or her class can take notes from a friend through email. Though, a laptop also provides such features, but handling a netbook is easier than that.
Less Interruption: This is not an ideal gadget for playing games; hence there would be less interruption during a lecture, or while taking notes. A student would never love to wander around the screen other than the academic work.
Improved Performance: As you can work faster on it, and there is no writing issue, so a high quality work becomes possible. The student can also keep in touch with a teacher in non-academic hours through Skype, or any other way of chat. If you get fed up of a home, or school environment, you can take it along to a park to do presentations, or assignments.
Easy Cloud Computing: A netbook is especially designed to do cloud computing in a better way, and this technology has eliminated certain issues that occur due to incompatibility between personal computers, and college servers. Moreover, there are also less chances of a printer failure and data loss.
Though, the netbook is not as strong as a large laptop, but the machine is ideal for a person who has to move around a lot due to academic, or office work.

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