Top Things To Do With Your New Computer Before Using It


Your brand new computer has a tremendous amount of potential. With all the power and responsiveness of the new models that are coming out today, you can really do a lot with it. That is if you know how to use it and get it going in the proper way.
Here are some things that you should be doing with your brand new computer before you start even using it:
1. You should reinstall the operating system of your computer if it is a ready-made device that you bought. That's because the operating system that is installed into your device is certainly filled with some bonus features that you have no use for. To get rid of those, just go ahead and reinstall the OS.
2. A computer is not really as useful as it can be today without being connected to the Internet and to a network of other devices. You next move therefore is to set up the proper network connections of your computer so you can use it to its full potential.
3. When you have properly set up the network for your computer, the next step is to install all of the apps that you would need. The apps are the things that take advantage of the computing power of your device. You should pick the devices that you can actually use.
4. Before you start using your new computer at its full capacity, you have to make sure that it is properly protected. You should get antimalware and antivirus software to ensure that your computer has a good chance of being able to withstand malicious software out there.
5. The next step for you is to restore or transfer the files that you have from your old computer. That is if you were able to back them up properly. You should restore those before you start using your new computer.
6. These days, the PC is just part of the game. In order to take full advantage of the power of information technology, you should have it synched with your mobile devices as well. That would allow you to use all of your devices to their full potential.
7. You can now start customizing your desktop so that it would reflect your personality as well as your preferences. You can change wallpaper and the screensaver for example. This also goes beyond the appearance.
8. New hard drives that are coming out have features which allows them to detect if they will be running defective in the near future. The problem is that the warning signs are not recognized by the OS. There are tools that you can use, which would allow you to see for yourself these warning signs.
9. You should have a backup plan. Keep in mind that you are dealing with a device that is bound to fail at some point and it might do it without warning. Better that you know what you have to do.
These are just some of the things that you have to do with your new computer before you go full blast with it.
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