how function a hybrid car

Across the Atlantic, this type of car is a real tobacco. Thanks to who? To stars like George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio. The French, however, the frightened sulk ostensibly unprofitable prices. However, the mechanism of double engine fulfills all aptitudes required by the consumer. And especially in this period of oil boom, the hybrid car may attract a few more looks from our fellow citizens.

Two engines under the cover
Originality of this car: the presence of two engines, one runs on gasoline (engine), the other is electric. Another detail is important, battery capable of powering the electric motor and thus to supplement, where necessary, the gasoline engine.
According to phases of driving the assembly varies. Three are possible:
- In series. Only the electric motor is running. The batteries charge to provide the "fuel" necessary. This system is required for low speed, braking and stopping. During deceleration phases, the kinetic energy resulting from movement of the vehicle, is directly sent to the batteries.

As for the gasoline engine, it is totally inactive and no carbon dioxide is emitted. A double benefit for both the planet and the wallet of the driver.
- In parallel. In this case, the electric motor is in "stand by". Only the engine turns the machine and move the vehicle. This is what happens when the driver is at constant speed on a road.
At the same time, part of the motive power provided by the fuel used to recharge the battery via a generator which is none other than the electric motor. Everything is recycled, there is no loss, contrary to a conventional car where energy escapes form of heat.
- In series and parallel. Here, the two engines are solicited to provide motive power in joint high acceleration or climbing a hill. Incidentally, the batteries continue to store for supplying the electric motor. Without this energy loop, the driver should reload its electrical vehicle.

Low CO2 emitted
Although the sale price is somewhat prohibitive for most consumers (about 16,000 dollars), the hybrid car has clear advantages.
No need to recharge the electric motor all night, closed circuit system with a generator to transmit energy to the batteries, clears the sides of the single painful electric car. The presence of the gasoline engine avoids also the risk of falling in the roads in the middle of nowhere.
This car uses less fuel, which is pretty good news at a time when the oil price flirts around $ 100. Classic cars said pump maximum fuel when idling and are constantly accelerating and braking.
Last positive, the hybrid car is more environmentally friendly because less fuel burned means less CO2 output. One way to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

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