The Importance of Firewall

Expert Author George Cherere
All over the world, millions of people now own a personal computer or interact with other internet-capable devices, especially at work. Without question, the internet provides increased functionality for the people who are involved either in communication, work tasks, the search and collection of information, online shopping/financial transactions. People are able to make sure that the quality of life they lead has more value and life is much easier. With so many advantages, the internet is, to many, a necessity. However, there are some serious negative aspects which have to be considered when using the internet. Caution is especially advised to avoid falling prey to some of the snares set about by the criminals.
There are criminals as well as hackers who are lurking out there with ill intentions, often waiting upon unsuspecting internet users to make their moves. Some measures are vital before connecting to the internet and conducting any business. 
Once you're online the risk of falling into the hands of criminals is very high. This is where security software and applications come in and their purpose is to defend an internet user from the attacks and malicious actions of criminals. One very important security application is the firewall which acts as an intermediary between the internet and the personal computer or the network.
Many people will ask how the firewall is installed and especially how to go about getting the firewall and the options available. The answer to this and a welcome relief is that almost all operating systems come with a firewall which is already built in and all that is needed to make sure that the firewall is already on. 
The most common operating systems which have the firewall are those which operate with windows and primarily prevent attacks. Some minor configurations changes can be made as to which are the programs to restrict or to allow to run on the personal computer. 
In the scenario where an individual doest know exactly what to do, then help can be solicited from the internet to find help on how to configure the settings with your firewall. This is important since nobody would want to erroneously render the firewall useless.
The firewall is a prominent security software which should be installed in every computer to make each computer secure from attacks. It will not only protect the computer but it also protects your identity when online and from hackers who intend to steal your identity and use it to perpetrate all manner of actions and transactions. When the firewall is installed, it is made such that it will protect you from the hackers and other unauthorized users from gaining access or breaking through and using your network any moment you get online. 
The firewall is usually made to work in such a manner that it is always monitoring data which is leaving and entering the network and the personal computer when connected to the internet. The mode of operation is that the data packets are scanned against the set security criteria after which the data packet is allowed for transfer if it is considered safe. 
The best kind of firewall protection is that offered by the two way firewall protection which is able to filter outbound and the inward bound traffic hence preventing threats and providing total and complete protection. With the firewall in place, then the malware, viruses, the Trojans and any other malicious scripts will not be in a position to interfere and even get hold of your network or your computer. Firewall act as an intrusion detection system able to especially guard against incoming threats.
In conclusion, the firewall is usually available in two forms which are all important in protecting computers and the network as well. The major categories of the firewall are the firewall hardware especially for networked computers and the firewall software for the personal computers. Always ensure that the personal computer has the firewall as the first line of defense.

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