New iPhone Invention - Lightweight Carbon Periscope for Digital Camera and Video

By Lance Winslow

Expert Author Lance Winslow
The other day, I was at a friend's house that lived by near the beach. He lived on a slight rise and had a beautiful view at least I remember the view was beautiful last year when I went to a barbecue. Unfortunately his neighbors had allowed the hedges and shrubbery to grow a little too tall this year, although his neighbor did say that if he wanted to hire someone he was welcome to cut them back a little. I thought that was nice, but I also know that my friend is a little lazy, and probably won't do it. The view is still there, it's just that the hedges are in the way.
While we were at this year's barbecue someone took a broom handle taped their iPhone to the top of it lifted it up, and used another broom handle to tap the "take picture icon" and they tried this several times to no avail, but eventually they got a good snapshot of it all, and they showed it to everyone, and then they e-mailed it to anyone who wanted it. Well, it seems to me that someone should develop a lightweight carbon periscope for the iPhone for use with the digital camera and video. If it was very small, sturdy and lightweight and it came in 5 foot, 10 foot, or 15 foot telescopic expansion choices, then everyone would buy one.
How many times have you been in a large crowd, or stuck in traffic unable to see what's ahead of you? In this case it would solve the problem. You can take an excellent picture even if you are in a large crowd just by sticking the periscope up five feet with a button on the bottom which would click a digital picture, or start the video. How much could something like this sell for? I'd say easily $30-$100 each depending on the size and style. They wouldn't be very hard to design, create, nor would they be hard to sell online or at the retail Apple Store. And why stop there?
What about all the android phones? Almost everyone needs one of these from time to time.
If the unit was collapsible and very small it wouldn't take any more space up in a purse than a small flashlight. Think of all the uses? You could find a clog in your rain gutter, take a picture of birds in a nest, or even use it while you were hiking when the shrubbery around you was too high for you to see. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and create this invention so I can buy one.

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