Will You Need To Replace Your Accessories For The New iPhone?


The addition of a new member of the iPhone family is always regarded as a major event for technology geeks the world over, and the recent launch of the iPhone 5 was of course no different. Millions of handsets flew off the shelves as the smartphone made its debut last month, with massive queues reported at Apple stores the world over. But with many of us trying to keep a close eye on our budgets at present, you could be forgiven for worrying about whether you'll be able to afford both a brand new handset as well as all of the various accessories to go with it.
One area of concern was highlighted after the iPhone 5 was officially unveiled. The new handset comes with a "lightning connector", which has eight pins rather than the 30 pins which had previously been the standard for Apple products. Without an adapter, this renders a wide range of accessories - including car kits and speakers - obsolete. While Apple confirmed plans to release an adapter within a few weeks of the iPhone 5's launch, CNET reported that the adapter may not be compatible with some 30-pin Apple products. Likewise, it also emerged that video and iPod out connections would not be supported by the adapter.
However, according to Redmondpie.com, the adapter - which started shipping to consumers who ordered the device last month - is compatible with the fifth-generation iPod touch and the seventh-generation iPod Nano, both launched at the same time as the iPhone 5. The site also notes that while the decision to supplant the 30-pin connector proved somewhat controversial even among dedicated Apple fans, the old connector had started to show its age and was in dire need of replacement. Furthermore, the new connector is thinner, smaller and reversible - meaning it can be connected upside down or downside up.
An article at ZDNet.com also advised consumers planning who are planning to upgrade to the latest edition of the iPhone that leaving money set aside to spend on new accessories could be a good idea - particularly bearing in mind the technological upgrade from the 30-pin connector. Regardless, the thought of having to fork out for new even more accessories doesn't seem to have deterred dedicated Apple fans from embracing the iPhone 5 with what has become their customary enthusiasm, with the device shipping more than five million units on its opening weekend alone.
Prior to the devices launch the Guardian reported that a whole host of accessories had already gone on sale. A huge array of iPhone 5 case sets, screen protectors, and other products became available in the weeks leading up to September 21st, when the device finally hit the shops in Britain and a number of other countries around the world.

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