Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

An invention is said to be the 'baby' of an inventor. Inventors dedicate their time, energy and resources to perfect what they believe is a result of their creative genius. What if the cost of their invention is their life? Have a look at the most famous inventors killed by their own inventions.

The Word Web Dictionary defines an inventor as "someone who is the first to think of or make something". While most of us would be 'inventors', if only the 'thinking' part was taken into consideration, there are a few who go one step further and actually put their 'unique' thoughts into action. It is because of these proactive people, who are passionate about their ideas and are willing to take risks, that the world has progressed over the years. Ironically, there are some inventors who were killed by their own inventions. These deaths were either a direct result of the invention (like when the invention failed during a test or when the invention crashed while being used) or indirect cause of the inventor's death (like in case of exposure to harmful elements in a lab or fatal infection caused by an accident involving the invention or malfunction of the invention itself).

Given below is a list of the most famous inventors killed by their inventions.

It would be utter cowardice to say that it is better to keep 'thinking' instead of 'doing' just because some were unfortunate enough to pay with their lives for their creativity. Besides, many of the inventions mentioned above have played an important role in the development of man. Maybe the dying words of one such inventor (Otto Lilienthal) best describes the significance of losing a life for an invention - "Sacrifices must be made."
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