How Do You Delete a Virus?

By David C S Lee

This is a question that is asked all the time and it is a serious one because if a virus remains on your system then it has the potential to destroy your life. So here are some methods for getting rid of it:
- The most obvious way to remove a virus from your computer is to get some antivirus software. You can buy ones or you can get a free version. For it to be effective you must keep it updated so it can detect and get rid of the latest Virus. Once you install the software it will use its information bank of virus definitions to detect and remove an intruder from your system. Different products have different information banks which mean that some will remove certain viruses but not others.
- If you are the DIY kind of person then with some basic knowledge you can remove it yourself but there are risks to doing long-term damage to your system.
-You will need to check your LOCAL_HKEY_USER folder to see if any if the registry files have been infected.
-If you find of your registry files with weird names or with inflated sizes then remove them.
-You will then need to remove all the exe files that are with the virus. These can be found in the program files folder in your C: drive.
-I can't stress enough how careful you have to be when removing viruses manually and insist you purchase a program or get a professional to do it.
-Make sure you check that any virus software you buy is not a scam. There are many programs out there that pass itself off as antivirus software when what it really is a program that ushers viruses into your system and once they are in there they literally destroy your computer. They make it virtually unusable meaning you have to scrap the old device and get a new one. This also means that you lose any important files and are putting your banking details at risk.
Best thing to do is to do a search for the program and you should get a good idea of whether it is a scam or not pretty quickly.
How do you delete a virus is a question that is asked a lot and the best answer is just to do your best not to get a virus in the first place. Install antivirus programs and Check to see if the program you're using is a scam. This will give a virus little chance of getting on to your system meaning you shouldn't have to need to try and delete it.

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