The Best Cheap Tablets

By Olan Madrio Dantes

Expert Author Olan Madrio Dantes
Most tablets in the market today can be considered luxuries rather than necessities. Case in point: the iPad. This popular tablet would cost you $500! But you don't have to go to extremes just to buy a good slate. There are other alternatives which are way cheaper but are still good. Below are some of the best affordable tablets in the market today.
Galaxy Tab 2 7.7
This tablet from Samsung only costs $250 and yet it offers a lot of good features. The design of the tablet is good and solid and the display quality is OK. Its speed is decent too which allows it to handle great games from the App Store. If you own a Samsung TV with DLNA, you can also use the Galaxy Tab 2 as a remote.
So what's the catch with this Android tablet? The catch would be the cameras. This slate contains average cameras which are easily outmatched by most smartphones today.
The Galaxy Tab 2 7.7 comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB variants. A microSD card slot is available which allows you to beef up the storage to up to 32 GB.
Kindle Fire HD
Thanks to its manufacturer, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet ever. It's the cheapest on this list but definitely not the least. The Kindle Fire HD retains the $199 price tag but with features not found on the original. The new device now supports Dolby Sound and the screen resolution is beefed up. Speaking of screen, there is a 8.9" screen version which only costs $250.
There are reports that some Kindle Fire units lag from time to time. This problem may have been caused by lack of optimization as the software running on it is modified. Another issue with this tablet is the bombardment of advertisements by its creator.
Google Nexus 7
The Nexus 7 is the best cheap tablet today. You can buy one for only $199 and you'll get a tablet with a super fast quad-core processor and a fantastic screen. Despite its price, this tablet does not look cheap. Actually, it looks opposite its price. It is also the first tablet to be released with the latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean.
The manufacturer of this tablet confirms that they are selling at least a million units per month. This is a testament that the Nexus 7 is really that enticing to users.
The tablets above may be cheap but their quality is superb. You don't need to buy those expensive ones anymore. Any of these slates will suffice. Grab one of them right now!


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