Do You Know Your Logos?

By Joe A Cinocca

In American culture, we are inundated with television advertisements, corporate branding, radio jingles and every possible form of communication possible. Now there is a hot, new mobile app that tests your overall knowledge of these brands. Logos Quiz is a test-style application that presents images for you to guess correctly.
Points are given for each correct answer, but the amount is determined based on correct spelling of the corporation and if you use any hints. In any civilized society, the objective of the corporation is to brand their company and engrain that image into the consumers mind. Continuing along that train of thought, the makers of Logos Quiz have taken this one step further and brought the brands to the digital age.
A benchmark of how well a company is doing in the marketplace, lies in consumer awareness of their brand, logo and products. Regular people, everyday, go about their normal routine, not really paying attention to the hundreds of thousands of logos and brands they see on a weekly basis.
Effectively communicating the image creates awareness and opinions within the marketplace, about the quality of that company is a solid measure of how well they are getting the word out about who they are and what they bring to the marketplace. Logos Quiz is a quick demonstration in how well they have spread their message.
I can honestly say that I was unaware just how saturated our society is by brands and logos, until I tried out this mobile app. The first level, of the quiz, gives you 34 different logos to guess. Points are calculated, based on the number of attempts at each brand.
Point deductions can occur for misspellings or using any of the 3 hints you have. The difficulty level increases in complexity, as you move to the next levels. One of the more interesting aspects of this game is that many of the brands featured are from all over the world. The appeal of this game reaches a truly global audience because it features these brands, giving it unique flavor.
Because of this app, I no longer look at my surroundings in the same way. Normally, I would just go about my business and remain oblivious to everything. Now, I find myself staring at billboards, looking more closely at newspaper ads and signs at retail shops. It seems that almost every business has a logo of some kind and a brand they are building, whether they know it or no

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