A robot for disabled useful to all.

Directed by Sylvain, the robot went to get a bottle of water in the kitchen, it will place it in the trash.
Directed by Sylvain, the robot went to get a bottle of water in the kitchen, it will place it in the trash.
Bring quadriplegics objects of everyday life, it is the function of Anso. This robot with an arm works on simple clicks.
Fifteen quadriplegics and fifteen witnesses are testing a robot to assist the person in rehabilitation center Kerpape. This project, called Anso, is supported by the association approach, in partnership with the Office of Atomic Energy. Also tested in Berck (North) Anso is not a humanoid. "An overwhelming majority of users prefer it looks like a machine" , says Arnaud Verier, occupational therapist, who oversees the evaluation with Jean-Paul Departe , electronics engineer, and D r Jean-Luc Le Guiet.
Indeed, it is not a machine aesthetic. "Normal is a prototype , said Jean-Paul Departe. But he has a lot of advantages. First, it is a robot for the public, not like robots handlers industry, heavy, expensive and difficult to use. Here, all actions are triggered by a single click. The robot has two cameras, one mounted on the gripper. The patient gave his orders by computer. It borders the object as in a drawing program. '
Not beautiful, but sophisticated, small Anso! Laser rangefinders and ultrasonic sensors to enable it to locate and move. The cameras return images of rooms and objects on the computer. Mobile base is German, its Dutch arm and control software are French. There is progress to be made: to improve the capture and position of the object to return. For example, bring a drink by mouth.
Sylvain Le Délézir in care Kerpape participates in the experience. It is a fade techniques. But the robot is designed to work with people who have never touched a computer before. "This assessment will help to change Anso to respond better to the needs of patients, says Jean-Luc Le Guiet . It is known that this will not be a robot marketed in the near future. But acquires know-how in the medium term, will be useful to all.

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