What We Can Expect in Technology for Next Year in 2013


Technology is ever evolving and moving forward. Change is probably the best and most prominent characteristic that can be ascribed to technology, as wide and all encompassing as a term it might be. The rate of advancement that technology is exhibiting is much, much faster than any could have expected or anticipated - probably even for those who are at the forefront of its progress.
This unparalleled speed of development has been very welcome for technology enthusiasts all over the world. People who simply can't get enough of the different devices and gadgets that are being produced and released on a regular basis are enjoying something of a perfect time right now. And things are likely to only get better.
What to Expect in 2013
At the frontline of technological progress right now are the many tablets and smartphones that are constantly being improved and updated. And as amazing as those devices seem to be right now, there's every reason to believe and expect that it will only improve and get to an even better level. With 2013 almost upon us, it would be good to look at what technology has in store for us in 2013.
  • Expect even faster networking. Consumers want faster networking than what is currently available to them, which is 3G and has just been made available mainstream, but is still not enough. In 2013 that would be addressed by the introduction of 4G speeds. That move will allow consumers to experience not only improvement in speed but in the range, bandwidth and roaming management as well. It is definitely an improvement of what is already available to us, so cloud networking and HD streaming would all become better.

  • 3D technology will see some significant improvements. This is probably best seen in gaming, and now also in 3D TV. And with the Xbox and PlayStation about to become available, then there would even be a considerable rise in its use. More and more 3D TV's should be expected to be available, with much higher quality in its projection and in terms of the innovation in design there would also be improvements.

  • Aside from 3D TV, there is also another type of TV that's also making waves and causing a sensation in the technological world. That would be the Internet TV that allows its users to interact with their TV by surfing the net, using social media, playing online games, and many more. Different kinds of companies are coming up with their very own versions of the Internet TV, so expect it to be much more common this coming year.

  • We can expect tablets to go mainstream in 2013. The sensation this year had been the latest and most advanced smart phones as well tablet computers. Next year, in 2013, we can all expect upgrades in the tablets that the major companies are producing and releasing. Every company is sure to come up with their own latest tablet, with the hopes of gaining a better share of the tablet computer market for the year.


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