Surface: An Amazing Tablet by Microsoft

By Semeli Karen McPherson


It seems like there are tables all around, when the world is already talking about iPad mini there is yet another news from the software giant Microsoft. It is fresh from a source that Microsoft is all geared to launch its own tablet called the Surface. This tablet will run on the latest OS the Windows 8.
Surface is a sleek and stylish tablet that is going to come out in two versions. First version is Surface RT, this will be supportive of ARM chip and as the name suggests it will run on Windows RT. The second version of Surface is that of Surface Pro, this version will run on the latest OS version namely the Windows8.
There are speculations about the exact launch date of this tablet. It is said that Microsoft has already scheduled the launch of this product on 25th October. Reportedly, Microsoft wants to stay ahead of its competitors especially in the technology market of tablet, this could be the reason why it has chosen this date as its product launch.
The news sources are still speculating about the possible inclusion of the features about this tab as for now. Nonetheless, let us find out what is this tablet all about including the specs and the features.
Display and Screen
Tablets as we know are manufactured to have a good display quality and a glass that is often scratch proof. Keeping these things in mind, both Pro and RT Surface will have HD quality display and Gorilla Glass. While RT will have 10 inches of HD screen display by Clear Type and 1280 x 720 resolution, Pro will sport comparatively larger screen that of 10.6 inch and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the display will be widescreen (16:9).
All the above specifications about the screen clearly indicate that Surface stands ahead with big screen display in the tablet market. Other players like Samsung and Apple have only managed to equip their tablets with that of 10-inch display. Surface comes out as a refreshing change in the category and is rather impressive too. So, for all those who are looking for something new that is other than Android or iOS can go with this.
It is almost a technology trend in the tablet industry to have two cameras. Microsoft too has introduced front and back mounted cameras. The front mounted camera is called the Life Cam by Microsoft but the camera resolutions still remains a mystery. Additionally, using Skype will be a better experience as the product is already owned by Microsoft and video chat experience on Surface will add to it.
Touch Keyboards
If you are looking for indulging in work that involves text input then you can easily do so by adding a touch keyboards to it. This way you can transform your tablet into a portable notebook. Make it look trendy by choosing from various cover options. The Touch covers are different from the ones that are designed for protecting the keyboards, as these covers include the functionality of intuitive touch interface. This way a user will not face any errors while typing and the sensitivity and intuitive typing functionality of the Touch Keyboard is retained. Additionally when you look at it, you will find it attractive in the first glance, sleek and stylish as ever. These are available in numerous colors to your taste and they are as light as feather with a thickness of mere 3mm. Touch cover can be easily connected to the tablet through magnetic click. Now you can easily create a document and compose an e-mail comfortably.
In case you are wondering of viewing pictures, videos or even utilizing it for viewing slide show then it is made easy with the kickstand. This stand is in inbuilt and helps to prop the device up straight while supporting the tablet. Now you can easily prop it up and view any content at an easy to view adjustable viewing angle.
Memory Options
If you are the one who likes storing files, images, videos and music on their tab then Surface is the one for you. You will never run out of space constrain with this tab as you are offered three options; 32GB, 64GB and the best 128GB storage capacity. If you are still keen on loading on more content then you have the option to expand the memory via card slot (microSD) option.
A lot of speculation is still going on in the technology market about Surface including the price range. Some sources say that it may cost around the price bracket of 300-800 USD. Again, some believe the price around $199, however, the official announcement about the same is yet to be out in the media.
Until the time this tablet is officially launched, let us wait and watch.
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